“In war there is no substitute for victory.”—General Douglas MacArthur

The Army West Point women’s tennis team has won the Patriot League tournament title 9 out of the past 11 years and has beaten Navy 6 out of the total 7 appearances.  A strong work ethic is present on this team in order to reach the ultimate goal of bringing home the title and earning an automatic bid into the NCAA tournament.  The women on this team are all familiar with the thrilling taste of victory and will put 100% on and off the court in order to experience the priceless moments that come once in a lifetime.



Being a member of the Army West Point Women’s Tennis team means taking that extra step to get the racket on the ball, battling for every point no matter what the score says, and grinding our opponents down both mentally and physically because they know that an Army player will never give up. When we find ourselves in the middle of a grueling third set as the deciding match, we can look down and see Army written on our chests; this serves as a reminder that we play for more than ourselves and represent something more than a typical college tennis team.




Being a cadet-athlete at West Point means maintaining a balance between physical, academic, military, and athletic demands. This structure appeals to a certain type of person who wants to be the best that she can be beyond the tennis court. Some may view the other dimensions that West Point has to offer as a distraction or disadvantage to tennis players. The Army West Point women’s tennis team instead sees this as strength. The discipline that is instilled in every cadet provides our players with the mental and emotional fortitude to battle on the court until the end of the very last point and grind our opponents down. We know that we have been through more adversity and difficult situations than our opponents and that allows us to get that extra ball over the net in order to bring home the “W”.


Being a member of the Army West Point Women’s Tennis team means being part of a sisterhood that extends over the past 20 plus years. The bonds and connections between the players over the years is unique from any other school or athletic team. When one of us has a bad day, we can always turn to our teammates for the support to keep pushing us to our best every day. While tennis is an extremely important aspect of our cadet lives, we recognize that we have a duty to serve our nation.