…A personal investment of time and self.  A pledge of dedication and hard work to an individual or common purpose.

Commitment is just one of the qualities that has played a role in Army’s success over the years. To be a great player or to have a great team requires undivided attention to the goals one sets.   Each member of the Army West Point Lacrosse Family is fully committed to the goals of the team, and this commitment allows us to perform better than we ever could as individuals.  Every player needs to renew his commitment each year and focus on remaining committed throughout the entire season.  We all want to achieve great things. However, when you truly commit yourself to achieving greatness you often amaze yourself at just how successful you can be.


…Adherence to an obligation. A quality or state of responsibility undivided or complete.

In the course of a lacrosse season, we often face obstacles that may prevent us from reaching our goals.  It is our duty as players to overcome these obstacles and reach our goals and beyond.  From helping a line-mate or teammate, to overcoming adversity, each player has a duty to support the team.  Our foundation becomes unstable when we do not fulfill the duty we have to ourselves and one another.  We strive to adhere to our beliefs and attitudes in the face of adversity.  Our unwillingness to accept excuses for failures makes us stronger.  Duty, the ability to accept responsibility, is what separates good teams from championship teams.  Duty applies not just on the lacrosse field, but to our family, our classmates, and our country.  It is a cornerstone in our foundation at West Point. 


…high-mindedness, nobleness of mind, virtue, trustworthiness.

Without a doubt, honor is an integral part of our journey through the season. Honor can take many forms including putting a teammate before yourself or making the correct decision under pressure. Men of honor are those who have the courage to perform in the face of hardship. Trust between teammates and coaches during those hardships allow us to perform better. Our honor, on and off the field, will allow us to continuously achieve great things both as a team and as individuals throughout our West Point career.




…Pride in our nation – Patriotism

When you choose West Point, you become a part of the best that our country has to offer. The nation shares in each of our victories and in our failures along our path to success. They look at Army West Point Lacrosse as an elite program the same way they look at West Point as an elite leadership institution. Every time you put on an Army uniform, you will feel a sense of pride for who you represent. You represent not just your team. You represent the entire Academy, and most importantly, your country. This special feeling is one that few people get the chance to enjoy.


…a group with common ancestry, household, a group of related things

Every team claims to be a “family” but at West Point we have a team close enough to be called a true family. A true family begins formation when common goals are shared. As every member of the family fully commits to working their hardest to achieve their shared goals, the bonds grow stronger. Whether on the field, in the classroom, or during military training, we count on each other for support and understanding.
These experiences make the family aspect at West Point something you cannot find in other institutions. Your teammates here at West Point will become your brothers.




…influencing others, setting the example, leading with character.

Everyone knows the value of good leadership. It is not enough to lead by words. In order for a team to be effective, one needs to also lead by example. Examples of leadership on the lacrosse field are numerous, but not necessarily obvious. Leadership is knowing that working hard off the field is essential to being prepared on the field. Leadership is doing what is asked of you before it is even asked. West Point is the finest leadership institution in the world. At West Point, we develop leaders of character. Your leadership skills will be developed in everything that you do on and off the field. Throughout history, West Point has produced some of this country’s finest leaders and we are continuing that tradition every day.


…transmission of knowledge, customs, opinions. A handed down belief, custom or habit.

We are proud of how past Army teams have performed. We are also proud of the group of players we have now and the group we will have when you come to West Point. The tradition at Army includes working hard every day, being committed to the team’s goals, and winning.
When you wear any uniform at West Point, you will feel a little of the tradition captured in that moment. You will think of yourself as a great individual at a prestigious institution. You will honor your ability and potential with maximum effort, like those who came before you. At that moment, you will feel the pride that comes with being an Army West Point Lacrosse Player and a West Point Cadet. You will know why you chose to become a member of the “Long Gray Line”.